Prism 0.9.0 Static RPM SPEC

Call me impatient of whatever. I've been wanting to use Mozilla Prism. It is not yet packaged in Fedora so I tried my luck to package it properly for Fedora. However, I totally have no idea how Mozilla buildsystem work and how to compile Prism's trunk on Fedora. Trying to follow the Creating XULRunner Apps with the Mozilla Build System lead me nowhere. I got stuck trying to find what package provide the buildsystem and the "" file, but I given up due to I totally have no clue. In the end, I ended up packaging the official binary tarball released by upstream and make it installed in /opt.

Here is the specfile for those interested to use prism on Fedora:

Like the Static OSS Skype SPEC I made before, just download the corresponding source and invoke rpmbuild with the spec. For those who are not familiar with rpmbuild, the shell commands below will help you

# as root
yum install rpmdevtools

# as user
cd ~/rpmbuild/SPEC
spectool -R -g -A prism_static.spec
rpmbuild -bb prism_static.spec

# ... wait ... wait ... wait
# grab the generated RPM
# rpm -ivh (the generated rpm)
# enjoy~


David Marsden said…
Thanks for this how to guide for installing Mozilla Prism with Fedora. It works as described.

Unfortunately, I get the same error message on trying to start the application as I got with Ubuntu:

"Prism is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you
must first close the existing Prism process, or restart your system."

Prism isn't running already, of course, as I've only just installed it!

I filed a bug report here:

Any ideas?
Sean Flanigan said…
Thanks for the spec! I updated it for Prism 1.0b1 here
Wow very good post.......great work.....appreciation for this how to guide for install Mozilla Prism with Fedora. It works as describe.......
Thanks for this informations.....
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info.

As a quick update, it seems that mozilla moved the tarball to http://prism.mozillalabs.comdownloads/1.0b4/prism-1.0b4.en-US.linux-i686.tar.bz2, here's a working spec file:

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