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[Fedora-Ambassadors] Fedora 8 Announcement

======================================================================Fedora 8 AnnouncementOn this autumn period where the best fruits are ripe, it comes thetime to harvest the new Fe...

In old blog, Nov 09, 2007

Red Hat Legal Speaks on Linking to 3rd Party Website/Repositories

A great announcement @ Fedora-Marketing-List todayfedora-marketing-list/2007-November/msg00079.htmlMore to read here : to "third party repositori...

In old blog, Nov 08, 2007

HOWTO: Compiz Fusion in Fedora 8 'Werewolf'

Fedora 8 'Werewolf' is just around the corner HERE!!. Lets get this started!This guide applies for Fedora 9 'Sulphur' tooCCSM should be in the updates repository already. If it havent...

In old blog, Nov 08, 2007

Fédora, 8th November, and Victorien Sardou

A fun stuff from Fedora-ambassadors-list today2007-November/msg00008.html8th November is the anniversary of the death of Victorien Sardou, a French dramatist of which one of his plays...

In old blog, Nov 07, 2007


Just got myself a MySpace account. I'm not really a fond of Social Networking sites (except for LinkedIn and Mugshot) , but i'm curious bout the MySpace IM and what Mugshot offers f...

In old blog, Nov 04, 2007

Ideas: Fedora AppDB

This is just a post for me to jot down this idea before I forgot it.I'm currently exploring with TurboGears for a coursework project. Out of nowhere an idea came up about an applicati...

In old blog, Oct 29, 2007

Werewolves Coming Near Us!!

It might started its invasion from here. Then it raid into here. Just recently, its existence is confirmed!!. The creature is nearing our place!!, Sources said that it might reach us ...

In old blog, Oct 21, 2007

Fedora Live Update SIG Announced

At last, a SIG that will be working on supporting Live upgrades on Fedora. @ Fedora-Devel-ListA toolbox suggestion for tester...

In old blog, Oct 21, 2007

Whats New , and Whats Old - A little comparison between Ubuntu 7.10 new features with the upcoming Fedora 8 and older Fedora releases

Ubuntu 7.10 'Gutsy Gibbon' was just released a few days ago, and Fedora 8 just hit devel-freeze yesterday. With all the hype going all over the internet, one point annoys me - when so...

In old blog, Oct 20, 2007

Fedora 8: Coming Soon

SVG src here- Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Oct 08, 2007