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Made a Hackergotchi

I've made one hackergotchi for myself (^.^)Thanks to Nicu's howto : Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Jan 11, 2008

HOWTO: Making QT apps on GNOME less ugly

On Fedora GNOME installation, QT applications by default, look darned fugly. This is because there are no settings that point the QT apps to the correct style and themes. Solving this...

In old blog, Jan 07, 2008

Got bitten by rawhide

Yesterday i tried installing Fedora Rawhide KDE4 20071220 as I was thinking switching to rawhide early this time.. The liveCD appears to work so i proceeded to the installationGuess w...

In old blog, Jan 07, 2008

RPM Package Rollback

One of the least known feature in RPM is that it has a rollback feature. This allows you to rollback any updates you have done to your installed packages. Quite useful if a recent upd...

In old blog, Jan 04, 2008

A month with FreeBSD, Zope and Plone

For the past month, I have been working as an intern at Inigo Tech. The company focuses on Zope and Plone deployment and customization and I'm the sysadmin of the company server.FreeB...

In old blog, Jan 04, 2008

Holiday @ Cameron Highlands

Date: 21-22 Dec 2007Place: Cameron HighlandsWho: My family and 3 other neighbor familiesPurpose: Its holiday + for funHere are some pics I took during our trip there. Most of them wer...

In old blog, Dec 25, 2007

Theme change

New looks for a new year .. :PActually, i got annoyed with the old theme where the main section is not wide enough to be comfortable with. Especially when the blog post is long. So, I...

In old blog, Dec 20, 2007

Firefox3 Beta2 Release

I woke up today with a Firefox popup on my desktop, notifying that my firefox is now upgraded to Firefox 3 Beta 2. Note that I install firefox beta in my home folder, so, automatic up...

In old blog, Dec 20, 2007

Working from home

Shamelessly modified from Tom "Spot" Callaway post : up on 6am to catch the bus: LameGetting a ride from a colleague to the office: Aweso...

In old blog, Dec 18, 2007

HOWTO: Making VIM in FreeBSD, Linux-user friendly

The hellish semester have ended, and I just started my 8 month internship with Inigo-Tech. I've also got an access to the company's FreeBSD server. However, one thing annoys me - the ...

In old blog, Dec 04, 2007