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5 Marketer types in Open Source world

An interesting post I found @ Ubuntu Planet today, are five broad types of marketer in the open source world...

In old blog, Feb 26, 2007

Accessing SVN https repository through proxy

the title says it all .. I was trying to enter an SVN repository from within UTP .. but that requires proxy ... exporting http_proxy and https_proxy doesnt give any results ... so I g...

In old blog, Feb 21, 2007

Entering UTPchat Through Tor

Since's box have broken, there has been lots of ppl who pm'ed me asking on how to enter UTPchat from outside the LAN .. I have tried to find volunteers to host a re...

In old blog, Feb 21, 2007

Fedora 7 schedule delayed of the big Features of Fedora 7 is a merged core and extras. In order to accomplish this, we need som...

In old blog, Feb 20, 2007

yum-keep-retry plugin

This is my first try to write something useful using python .. so, please tell me if something not right with this plugin ..FunctionalityThis plugin add a retry download functionality...

In old blog, Feb 20, 2007

JDK 6 RPM messed up with zip mimetype

I installed JDK 6 RPM from Sun's Java SE download page for my Object Oriented Programming course. After installation, I was annoyed by all of my zipfiles and files that uses zip forma...

In old blog, Feb 17, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy chinese new year to all chinese visitors of this blog~~- Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Feb 17, 2007

Geany : A multi-language, fast and lightweight IDE using GTK2

I noticed a package in Fedora Extras called Geany while shopping through packages using synaptic .. The description says A fast and lightweight IDE using GTK2Currently I'm using Anjut...

In old blog, Feb 12, 2007

HOWTO: Setting up SVN and DAV in Fedora6

This Howto is based on a similar howto for FC4 by Ferdy Christant HERE I've been trying to set-up a SVN repository for my university's usergroup to get some kickstart in Opensource d...

In old blog, Feb 06, 2007

Favourite Icon

Just added a favourite icon for this blog. Thanks to a myOSS member, surface, for his howto. Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Feb 01, 2007