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Metisse Desktop

I believe some of us have heard about Metisse desktop environment thats going to be provided by Mandriva to their users. Metisse is quite an old project (since FC1) but havent had a...

In old blog, Jan 31, 2007

HOWTO: Mirroring Yum repositories using Yum-Utils

As promised before in one of my previous post, a Howto on how to mirror and manage yum repositories using some of the utilities in yum-utils.The first step is, well, of course, is to ...

In old blog, Jan 31, 2007

Which Death Note character are you?

Erm .. found the link to this site from my uni's moodle blog .. posted by someone Hey!, I got Yagami Light/ Kira!!. Thats something unexpected. However, the description does match wit...

In old blog, Jan 29, 2007

Useful Yum repository tools in yum-utils

Yum-utils package have some useful tools for sysadmins who wanted to create and manage their own RPM metadata repository. Contents of yum-utils package# rpm -ql yum-utils/usr/bin/pack...

In old blog, Jan 28, 2007

V3 UTPchat server up and running

Village 3 is up and runningVillage 3 Server : (outsider37i) Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Jan 25, 2007

UTPchat Servers In V1/V4/V5 are up

To UTP students, our UTPchat IRC network is now back functional in Village 1, 4 and 5. The servers have been linked up and connected with each other.Village 1 Server : (Togakure) 161....

In old blog, Jan 23, 2007

Back to UTP

Another semester going to start, and yet another semester with only port 80 and 443 outbound to Internet *sigh*. Struggling to re-setup the IRC servers because of room changes and new...

In old blog, Jan 21, 2007

Template broke on IE6 - Fixed

I just noticed that my current template broke on IE6 at the <pre> tag. CSS overflow:auto doesnt work and made the layout haywire on posts that have some long codes I pasted. I ...

In old blog, Jan 21, 2007

"Subscribe Feed" Blogger Widget (Update) / Hacking Blogger's widget engine #3

I have modified a little bit of the Subscribe Feed widget which I posted last time. The modification is simply for user-friendliness when adding the widget to your blog and editing th...

In old blog, Jan 19, 2007

Social network users have ruined their privacy, forever at the University of Bristol have recently been warned of the dangers of posting to social networking websites. They aren't the...

In old blog, Jan 18, 2007