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Binding eth device to a MAC address

Having multiple network cards can be a little confusing. The device associated with an eth device might got mixed up when you change your kernel. Here is a little guide to overcome th...

In old blog, Jul 10, 2006

MyOSS July Meetup

Just returned from MyOSS July Meetup at SEACEM, Bangsar. The main topic for this meetup is the OLPC project (a.k.a MIT's USD$100 Laptop) presented by Jaya Kumar, an Embedded System Ar...

In old blog, Jul 07, 2006

Read digital comics and mangas like a real book - use Comical

JPG comics are becoming more common in the internet, especially for FanSub'ed Japanese mangas. Usually these comics comes in zip archive and reading it will need the reader to uncompr...

In old blog, Jul 03, 2006

Disable IPv6 on FC5 for faster internet browsing performance wrote:New distros like fedora 2-5 have Ipv6 turned on by default. IpV6 is a new DNS lookup that ...

In old blog, Jun 27, 2006

Getting Windows-Based Printers to Work With Linux

A nice article for people who couldnt get their printer working with linux ... Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Jun 11, 2006

Drivel Bug Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Jun 11, 2006

Canon Pixma iP1000 and iP1500 driver for linux

gonna be usefull to some of us ... :) Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Jun 11, 2006

A little tip for OpenOffice QuickStart for GNOME users

i’ve been spending hours trying to find an OpenOffice ( ) quickstart application for GNOME .. to my dissappointment, i only found the GNOME 1 version( http:...

In old blog, May 19, 2006

Pirated Windows being tagged

well .. its quite an old article … hehe it serve them right … STOP USING PIRATED SOFTWARES!!! .. embrace the penguins !! .. hehe … for newbies who would want to try linux, i wo...

In old blog, May 18, 2006

IBM HardDisk Active Protection System

after 1 year of waiting …. an open source driver for IBM ThinkPad accelerometer a.k.a IBM HardDisk Active Protection System is now available …(well .. yeah .. i noticed this late) ...

In old blog, May 18, 2006