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Event Report : IIUM FOSSDay 2010

Event date: 19th Feb 2010Location: International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)(I know, I tend to be lazy to write reports, anyway , here goes)Back on 19th Feb 2010, Fedora-My was...

In old blog, Feb 27, 2010

ctypes : Loading simple C library in Python 2.5+

Just discovered this when I was glancing through the pystream (a CUDA library for Python) source codes. In Python2.5+, it is possible to directly load simple C shared libraries from P...

In old blog, Jan 31, 2010

The Deen Show : Proper Name for GOD

Video which describes etymology of Allah & Eloh, and the proper word to use to describe GOD - from the Deen Show. Guest - Yusuf Estes (former National Muslim Chaplain for the Unit...

In old blog, Jan 08, 2010

Allah , Eloh , Elohim

Recent news in Malaysia : local Muslims are in rage on the court ruling to allow the Herald newspaper to use the word Allah to refer to Eloh/Elohim/YHWH.IMO, they seem to lost touch w...

In old blog, Jan 03, 2010

RMS & Me

Pic taken during FOSS.My 2009 when sending RMS to KLIA airport.

In old blog, Nov 07, 2009

Replacing Plone Event Location field with a Google Map

Want Plone Event contenttype to have use a Google Map?Use this : Five product for replacing Location field in ATEven...

In old blog, Nov 03, 2009

FOSS.My 2009 Early Bird Registration Ends TODAY!!!

Heads up to everyoneFOSS.My 2009 Early Bird Registration prices are ending TODAY!!If you havent registered, register now or you will lose the chance to register on these packagesBare ...

In old blog, Oct 15, 2009

Genius G-Pen 4500 and Fedora

Just bought a Genius G-Pen 4500 digitizer tablet for myself. Mainly for drawing simple sketches and diagrams. Got it for MYR160 (~=USD50), which is relatively cheap compared to other ...

In old blog, Sep 25, 2009

"CSL G2" Android Phone ??? - New Toy in Town?

UPDATE: I have checked out this phone at a shop just recently, apparently, its only a UI imitation (which is not even close to the real thing, didnt see any tango icons). Guess I'll h...

In old blog, Sep 15, 2009

Grokking Grok - II

Grok, like Plone uses the Zope way of storing data - Persistence, somewhat like 'pickling' in Python. All instance of objects are treated not as tables like in frameworks such as Turb...

In old blog, Sep 14, 2009