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Hack In The Box Dubai 2009

The press release is out!!'s premier computer security event coming to Dubai for third timeLeading network security specialists from around the w...

In old blog, Mar 14, 2009

Buildout.cfg for ZopeSkel

A little trick to install paster away from your system python.[buildout]parts = zopeskeldownload-cache = downloadsdownload-directory = ${buildout:download-cache}install-from-cache=fal...

In old blog, Mar 09, 2009

Creating basic Zope2+Plone buildout on Fedora

I've wanted to post this a long time ago, but forgot. I don't really like to use paster as just installing paster for python2.4 introduce large number of external easy_install package...

In old blog, Mar 02, 2009

Dear Lazywebs : SSH on low bandwidth connections

Anybody got tips on how to make SSH on low bandwidth / bad connections (eg: 0-4KBps) more bearable?- Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Feb 11, 2009

Disk snapshot backup in Linux

From #myoss @<kaeru> what do linux people do for full backups?<kaeru> freebsd there is dump/restore<kaeru> do people use that for ext3 still or is there...

In old blog, Feb 11, 2009

Code Quality Measurement - WTF/m

- Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Feb 11, 2009

Steorn Orbo : Is the revolution near??

I'm quite a fan of science fictions, but when science fictions (might) become reality, it really intrigues me.Around middle of last year, I went googling for Free Energy Researches si...

In old blog, Feb 07, 2009

Desktop refresh

For some reason I feel like changing my desktop appearance and layout.Wallpaper is Crunchy Branch. I've been looking for documentation of the desktop slideshow xml to change the backg...

In old blog, Jan 25, 2009

Fedora 11 : Leonidas + Webcomic!!!!!!!

And its official!!!, Fedora 11 name has been decided!!!!!!!!.and its Leonidas!!!!!!!!Got hit with a rare inspiration moment, fired up inkscape, and took Nicu's Webcomic SVGs - and cre...

In old blog, Jan 11, 2009

Zekr packages for Fedora

A little introduction about Zekr:Zekr is an Open Source Quran study tool. This project is planned to be a universal, Open Source, and cross-platform application to perform most of the...

In old blog, Jan 10, 2009