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Google Gadgets on Fedora

Randomly searching the 13000++ package list once a while really led me to some interesting discoveries:Google Gadgets is in the Fedora repos!!Just install google-gadgets-gtk for GNOME...

In old blog, Jan 04, 2009

Viewing Xorg memory consumption : xrestop

For some reason Xorg on my desktop was using around 1400MB virt memory after 14 days uptime. (really, it filled up all my RAM and swap).Asked at #fedora, and ivazquez mentioned xresto...

In old blog, Jan 03, 2009

QGTKStyle : Make QT apps uses your GTK style

I'm a GNOME user (was a KDE user 4 years ago), but sometimes I had to use QT apps on GNOME. QT styles/widgets, ever since from QT3/KDE3, for some reasons, always a pain to my eyes (to...

In old blog, Jan 03, 2009

Happy New Year 2009 . 明けましておめでとう

Happy New Year 2009 To Everyone!!I think the best thing I got for this new year is the post number #3078, #3079 and #3080 at Aya Hirano blog. (thanks meng for notifying me bout this)可...

In old blog, Jan 01, 2009

Adding new Keybinding in gnome-keybinding-properties

So I was playing with compiz after quite some time not using it due to frequent i855gm driver failures (yep I'm using an old box with old card). While enhancing simple-ccsm a bit here...

In old blog, Dec 27, 2008

CompizFusion DesktopEffects Dialog

A little something I wrote last night.So, what it do?. Simply a little workaround of the problem Fedora users had for quite a long time - getting Compiz Fusion to run on login properl...

In old blog, Dec 26, 2008

Hack: A bit better yum-fastestmirror patch

Those who use Fedora might be familiar with yum-fastestmirror plugin. Its a plugin for yum which polls yum mirrors for the one which responds the fastest. However, sometimes, the poll...

In old blog, Dec 25, 2008

UTP's new course registration system not cross browsers compatible

Sometimes I wonder why I'm such a freetard. Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Nov 30, 2008

Hacks: Replace yum's downloader with Axel

/!\ This is an ugly hack, use it at your own risk, I am not responsible for any breakageP/S, your sysadmin might not gonna like thisDisclaimer aside, I really love Python. So, I'm beh...

In old blog, Nov 16, 2008 2008 Ended!

Everything has its end :). and 2008, ended a great SUCCESS!!.It's been a fun roller coaster ride being a 2008 crew. All the rushing, stress, tears and blood to get thi...

In old blog, Nov 09, 2008