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To: Anonymous Coward Who Don't Understand What My Motivation of Reviving UTPchat

Seems like theres one anonymous coward (or maybe the rector himself hide this student's identity), responding at rector's note at UTP ELearning. Dear Datuk Dr. Zainal, I would truly s...

In old blog, Mar 06, 2008

Re: An Open Letter for the Rector of PETRONAS University of Technology

The long awaited reply from the rector have arrived!!. Its accessible from UTP ELearning Moodle Site. =========================================Thanks for the reply Rector, -------- 5t...

In old blog, Mar 05, 2008

Fedora T-Shirt

A comrade of mine, ShahrimanSamsudin (Yondie), just signed the Fedora CLA and registered himself as the 4th Malaysian Fedora Ambassador. A big welcome for him. I hope this will encour...

In old blog, Mar 03, 2008

Keep Fedora "less-moving" using yum-security plugin

Fedora updates repository moves very fast. A few months after the release of F8, hundreds of MBs of packages have been updated. Some people, especially those who came from the less-mo...

In old blog, Mar 02, 2008

Changing the default Display Manager

I little discovery I found out a few days ago through /etc/X11/prefdm, but forgot to blog it. The default display manager in Fedora GNOME is GDM. But sometimes, you might want to swit...

In old blog, Feb 29, 2008

Fedora in NASA?!

Jack Aboutboul wrote a great post about Fedora and RHEL in NASA.Read it here: Fedora on Final FrountierGreat to know this!.- Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Feb 28, 2008


Sometimes, we might be facing certain problems which we could not find what might have caused it. One of the annoying cause is a broken file somewhere in the filesystem due to some re...

In old blog, Feb 28, 2008

Tee'ing Python subprocess.Popen output

A little hack for python coders out there who wanted to have a functionality similar to the unix's tee command for redirecting output to multiple places.import sysfrom subprocess impo...

In old blog, Feb 28, 2008

Calling all Malaysian Fedora users and contributors

Fedora presence in Malaysia is quite hidden from the general public. Fedora users in Malaysia are everywhere, but hard to find due to most of them being in their own, secluded, microc...

In old blog, Feb 26, 2008

Eaten by Rawhide

Got eaten by Rawhide after today update. Lots of GTK/GNOME app crashes while starting with this error (yeah, that includes 'gnome-session'). GDM not affected.This probably reflects a ...

In old blog, Feb 25, 2008