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In old blog, Jul 20, 2006

Integrate meebo with firefox using Meebo sidebar by tones

A great extension for integrating Meebo with firefox so that you can save time searching through tabs/windows for your Meebo Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Jul 19, 2006

FC6 Test 2 Slips again *sigh*

From FedoraNEWS.orgWith the update to a 2.6.18-rc based kernel, Xen requires some moreeffort to get to working. Given that Xen is one of the big features forFedora Core 6, trying to s...

In old blog, Jul 19, 2006

Frank Herbet - First Prophet of Linux nice article about how the linux environment similar to Frank Herbet's themes in his popular ...

In old blog, Jul 18, 2006

Novell's Gnome-Main-Menu on Fedora 5

I recently stumbled upon a blog post about RPM package of Gnome-Main-Menu / Gnome-Slab for FC5 ( ) .  So i dec...

In old blog, Jul 18, 2006

Seminar about FOSS @ UTP

Today was a quite tiring day. There was a seminar about Open Source Software Initiative at UTP today. Mainly consist of what Malaysian government have done for migrating Malaysian age...

In old blog, Jul 17, 2006

Ks-X LiveCD ver 0.1 is now Available!!!

Big news!!i've completed my very first Linux LiveCD!!!.. everyone may get the file at give comments if you used it .. :)btw,...

In old blog, Jul 16, 2006

Wheres my DMA???!!!!!

I just realized that my latest custom kernel didnt have DMA support for my box !!! ... thats explains why my harddisk is darned slow lately~ ... hahanow i'm lost, not very sure which ...

In old blog, Jul 15, 2006

Capset module makes me in a little bit confusing problem

the NetworkManager daemon requires BIND/named to start along. but i keep getting errors from named saying the capset module is not loaded. 'modprobe capset' says module not found.assu...

In old blog, Jul 15, 2006

[need help] Trying to create installation CD for Ks-X

Version 0.1 of Ks-X liveCD has been completed, i've tested it on qemu with only 128MB RAM allocated. To my surprise, the liveCD consume only 85-95MB after a clean boot!!!amazed with t...

In old blog, Jul 15, 2006