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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!. May this year be a prosperous year too.- Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Feb 07, 2008

Fedora 9 (Sulphur) Alpha

Fedora 9 (Sulphur) Alpha is out for developers, early adopters, and those who can't stand to wait.

In old blog, Feb 06, 2008

Zenoss on Fedora 8

I've wasted 1.5 day trying to get zenoss from their RPM to run on my F8 laptop using compat-python24 from livna. I've tried lots of ways like recompiling, export PYTHON and PYTHONPATH...

In old blog, Feb 05, 2008

Fedora will be having a win32 livecd-iso-to-usb tool

I just noticed Luke Macken's post at fedora-devel-list.!- Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Feb 03, 2008

Flood at Puchong Indah

Around 4:30pm this afternoon (Sat, Feb 02, GMT+8), my area got flooded. It was only a less than 2 hours rain and yet the water level raised up to knee level at the roadside of my side...

In old blog, Feb 03, 2008

Changed theme again

My previous themes went broken due to photobucket download limit. The template xml I got from the original site points directly to there. So, I googled around for a new theme and foun...

In old blog, Feb 01, 2008

Tunnel.UTPchat.Net is now back operational for Jan2008 semester

Its official now, the external server of UTPChat LAN IRC network is now back operational. Those who are not within UTP can now access UTPChat through it. It will be serving until the ...

In old blog, Jan 30, 2008

I should slow down myself sometimes

Me, being myself, had just noticed from Max Spevack's post about FUDCon video, that torrents.fp.o have a collection of FUDCon videos from previous conferences.It's a habit of mine, wh...

In old blog, Jan 30, 2008

Spinning a minimal Fedora LiveCD

I've been spending today trying to spin a minimal Fedora liveCD as a base for spinning various of other custom spins for easing future stuff, and for fun. The package list was based o...

In old blog, Jan 29, 2008

IOSN Accessibility Workshop for the Visually Impaired

Yesterday, I joined Khairil Yusof (Kaeru) for IOSN Accessibility Workshop for the Visually Impaired at Malaysian Association for the Blind, KL. It was organized under Free/Open Source...

In old blog, Jan 27, 2008