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Zope/Plone on Fedora

My industrial internship with Inigo Technologies requires me to run a distro which have python2.4. Being someone who prefer to stick on RPMS rather than source-based installation, I r...

In old blog, Jan 27, 2008

Fedora 9 Codename Announced???

Okay, Josh Boyer announced it @ fedora-announce-list, and the winner is Sulphur (at least from the vote results)

In old blog, Jan 27, 2008

HOWTO: Controlling cpu temperature and scaling using cpuspeed

My beloved R51 which I bought almost 3 years ago is suffering of old-age. It processor heats up quite fast to 80/85 Celsius and sometimes triggered shutdown alarm on 90C. The temperat...

In old blog, Jan 25, 2008

Micropolis-Activity RPM

Following the post I've made about the MicropolisCore package, I've packaged micropolis-activity.The package was applied a patchset by Miriam Ruiz which was acquired from debian's svn...

In old blog, Jan 25, 2008

Automated tar and dump incremental backup script for FBSD

The recent gmirror failure on Gambit caused us to switch to automated dump and tar instead.Our requirement was like this: Full backup on Mondays (around 3-5am) with daily incremental ...

In old blog, Jan 18, 2008

Original SimCity GPL'ed as Micropolis - here some RPMs for Fedora Hackers

Around 19:00MYT (11:00GMT) today @ #fedora<evil_steve> oh come on. THey GPL'd Sim city 48 hours ago and it's *not* packaged and in repos yet?<evil_steve> ...

In old blog, Jan 15, 2008

Hello Planet Fedora!!

My blog just included in Planet Fedora. Yay! (/me jumping with joy). Thanks Seth Vidal!!.A little introduction about myself and Linux.I started with computers on early age. My first e...

In old blog, Jan 14, 2008

Fedora detected @ Japan Club Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday I was at JCKL for my weekly ninjutsu class. When I was passing by their computer lab, suddenly something caught my eyes - "Flying High" and "Fedora Bubbles" !!. The users (s...

In old blog, Jan 13, 2008

Congratulations & Welcome to the new FedoraProject leader

Max Spevack just made an announcement today. Paul W. Frields will be the next FP.O leader, effective this February.Congratulations Paul. Looking forward for interesting stuff you migh...

In old blog, Jan 12, 2008

Reducing Blogspot feed size

By default blogspot shows 20 posts for the blog feed, however, this might not be desirable to some people (eg: those who are aggregated on Planets and hated when a minor edit to an ol...

In old blog, Jan 11, 2008